Do you feel like you will never be able to break through into the property market?

Or are you frustrated with the speed at which you are progressing up the property ladder?

Do you wonder how other people you know or hear about are racing miles ahead of you and building their property portfolios quickly?

Whether you are looking for your first or next rental property, or if you are looking to get the most out of your current portfolio –

in this 1 Hour FREE Information Session you will learn the Pro’s and Con’s of various Rental Strategies.

We will help open your mind to the possibilities that can double your rental returns and catapult you towards your goals and freedom lifestyle sooner!

In this Event, we will Guide you through Step 1 for Lucrative Rental Strategies used by Successful buy and hold investors:


If you are using an Agent, do you have a Good Property Manager who has your best Interests at Heart?



**Yes, a person who makes your $3 cup of coffee!**

It’s not the property manager’s fault, as the system is broken! There are no incentives for property managers to improve their training or performance to help you achieve higher returns.

Most landlords don’t know that there are lucrative strategies that can be used to improve rental returns and these can still be agent-managed if set up right from the start.

If this is not discussed up front, you can fall to the bottom of the list of 100 other landlords that your property manager is also dealing with.

Learn how you can get your Rental Strategy right from the start so you can set up your property manager with your rental property (or self-manage) to bring in great returns to provide long-term success.

About the Presenter – Jade Hamilton


Having been raised in a family business that manages a community of nearly 200 homes, Jade Hamilton has a lifetime of experience in Rental Strategy, Tenant Management and Asset management. Jade is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and has mastered the craft of self-management over the last decade, managing her 10 leases – and is in the middle of building a 10 townhouse rental development.


Jade has worked alongside Australia’s Renovating Queen and is privileged to have a number of personal mentors who created the foundations for her in Developing the most Lucrative Rental Strategies. Although Jade has found a Strategy that works for her, each rental strategy is chosen to suit an individual’s own personal goals, time constraints and risk profiles, and no matter the strategy used – to be successful they all share the same underlying mindset.


Jade has a passion for Educating and Empowering Landlords to challenge how they see property to use it as a vehicle to create Financial Freedom. Jade loves to help her clients to get out of the rat race and to progress up the property ladder and reach their goals sooner! When you have a portfolio of cash flow positive properties where the income comes into your account whether you work or not – this means that you can create a freedom lifestyle and you are free to live the life you choose!

The Advantages of Self-Management




Quick decision


Better maintenance
& QA

We know that self-management isn’t for everyone – but either way as everyone is an individual, Jade will help you find the Perfect Rental Strategy for you!

This is the KEY to setting yourself up for a successful landlord experience, and how you can progress up the property ladder and reach your goals sooner!

Be Intentional and Deliberate and find out your Perfect Rental Strategy!

What Jade’s Clients have to say…


“Jade has been a great help for me in setting up my new granny flat. It has been reassuring to have Jade’s knowledge and experience to draw on, and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone else in a similar situation.”


Toby Cairnes – Engineer and First Home Owner

“As we neared the end of the renovation of our investment property we were contemplating our next major hurdle, finding a tenant and managing the property. We didn’t quite know were to start. Luckily we were introduced to Jade and with her expert knowledge, resources and contacts the process became less stressful and less complex than we had imagined. In the end we were comfortable knowing that everything was set up correctly and with a happy tenant as well.”


Helen & Chris Patterson – Nurse & Professional Photographer, Seasoned Investors


“It’s reassuring to know that we have someone as competent as yourself in our corner, making self-managing our properties as hassle free as possible. I always recommend yourself to anyone I am speaking to that are looking to lease their property. With the online tools and contacts you have, it makes the process very transparent and stress free, for both the tenants and myself. Thanks once again.”


Shane Armstrong – Plumber and Family Man



Info Session – Newcastle
Cost: $49
Where: Pickled and Pressed, Merewether
Date: TBC
Time: 6PM – 8PM


Info Session – Melbourne
Cost: $49
Where: Hatch Quarter, Melbourne
Date: TBC
Time: 6PM – 7:30PM

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